Call to undefined function mb_strpos() or mb_stripos or mb_strlen or mb_strtoupper or mb_stristr

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mbstring (Multibyte String) provides multibyte specific string functions that help you deal with multibyte encodings in PHP. In addition to that, mbstring handles character encoding conversion between the possible encoding pairs. mbstring is designed to handle Unicode-based encodings such as UTF-8 and UCS-2 and many single-byte encodings for convenience.

For example :

  • mb_stripos — Finds position of first occurrence of a string within another, case insensitive
  • mb_stristr — Finds first occurrence of a string within another, case insensitive
  • mb_strlen — Get string length
  • mb_strpos — Find position of first occurrence of string in a string

When you install newer version of dotProject you may face a problem with mbstring if your PHP installation does not support mbstring. Only way to solve this problem is to enable your PHP installation to support mbstring.

mbstring is a non-default extension. This means it is not enabled by default. You must explicitly enable the module with the configure option.

    • In Unix/Linux platform, you have to recompile your PHP with mbstring option like:
    • --enable-mbstring

    • In windows platform, if your PHP version is 5.x then just follow the following easy steps to enable mbstring:
      1. Open you php.ini file
      2. Uncomment and set:
      3. mbstring.func_overload = 1,2

      4. Uncomment
      5. extension=php_mbstring.dll

      6. Restart your Apache server
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